Our Team

Jason Szuch

Jason Szuch — President/CEO

Jason Szuch began his career in the Hospitality field and has previously served as a Hotel General Manager. He has owned 3 other successful technology start-ups for the last 15 years. One of these is Hospitality WiFi, which has grown to become one of the largest independent wireless companies serving the Hospitality marketplace today.

Jason’s strengths include public speaking, team building, vision casting, and organizational leadership. He is a subject matter expert on CCTV, wireless networking, security, software applications, and wireless Internet.

In addition to his professional contributions, Jason has volunteered his time over the last 14 years ministering to college and high school students at his local church. He resides in Lima, Ohio, and is married to Lora, his high school sweetheart. They have three children, Ilona, Moriah, and Ryker.

Shan Griffin

Shan Griffin — Chief Operating Officer

Shan Griffin has a background that is rooted in manufacturing. His work includes over 9 years at a major component supplier to Honda of America and nearly 4 years in telecommunications in the Network Operations Center at UUNET/WorldCom.

In each industry in which he has worked, Shan has worked his way from the ground up to the management level. With almost 20 years of Internet Technology Training, Customer Support, Problem Solving, and Quality Control (including years of experience with Statistical Process Control & ISO/QS9001 Auditing), as well as Engineering and Management experience, he joined Hospitality WiFi in April of 2004 to help get the fledgling company off the ground.

For the past 11 years, Shan has worked with Sales, Engineering, and Support to create a reputation in the industry for hard work and integrity. Following the mantra “We’re Simple, Fair, & Inexpensive” and actually doing what we say we’ll do, Hospitality WiFi has continued to experience exponential growth and expansion from day one.

In his personal life, Shan enjoys spending time with his wife Jennifer and two sons, Noah and Titus. He is a proponent of adoption and supports various causes to help orphans and widows. Shan and his wife plan to adopt in the near future in the hope of making a difference!

Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller — CTO, Developer, Network Engineer

Brandon Miller has been working at Hospitality WiFi since 2004 as a developer and network engineer. Brandon specializes in network design, product development, and advanced troubleshooting of networks.

Brandon studied and earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems at Purdue University Calumet in 2002. College was just the beginning of Brandon’s journey of learning. He continues to stay abreast of the latest trends in information systems and networking technology through continual study and research.

Brandon is currently working on the next generation of Radius Gateway products, which include advanced threat management with virus detection and mitigation.

Brandon lives in Valparaiso, Indiana. In his spare time he enjoys being an avid runner for fun and fitness, reading, and a good cup of coffee. He has a wife and two boys (1 year and 3 years) who always keep him moving.

Miguel Rojas Campos

Miguel Rojas Campos — Vicepresidente de Ventas para Latinoamerica y el Caribe

Miguel Rojas Campos joined our sister company SAY Security in 2007 as part of its Technical Support team, also performing Sales Management functions for the Spanish-speaking market. He recently accepted the role of VP of Sales for Latin America and the Caribbean for Hospitality WiFi.

Miguel's years of experience as a project manager addressing the implementation of solutions in the field, particularly networking solutions, is invaluable to Hospitality WiFi as he works with Latin American hotels to improve their guest experience with Hospitality WiFi solutions.

Miguel also has 23 years of experience across the range of Information Technology, including Technical Support, Programming, Database Architecting, Database Administration, Computer Centers Management, Technical Support Management, and Logistics Coordination from the IT perspective. Prior to joining SAY Security, Miguel worked in Mexico for successful firms in the banking, poultry, and automotive industries.

Michael Gottlieb — Senior Vice President, In-Room Entertainment

Michael Gottlieb is a veteran of the satellite communications industry. He has over a decade of experience working with DIRECTV on both the commercial and institutional levels. During that period, he was twice selected as DIRECTV commercial associate of the year.

Educationally, Michael has a background in business and finance, which makes him uniquely qualified to relate to the requirements, needs, and concerns of hotel owners, managers, and CEOs.

Additionally, Michael has extensive knowledge of other providers' in-room entertainment products. This background enables him to assess a property's current situation accurately, compare available options, and guide decision-makers objectively through the process of choosing the best in-room entertainment option for a particular property and situation.

Rob Place — Business Development Manager

Rob Place has been working in the IT field for over 25 years. He has worn many hats, starting as a Field Technician for Inacom Information Systems and moving up to Project Manager. In the latter role, he oversaw and led many IT projects in the real estate, education, and finance fields. Feeling the entrepreneural itch, he started and ran his own technology consulting business, where he developed an original off-site backup and disaster recovery service. However, as his family grew, Rob felt the need to slow down and made a transition to the role of IS Director for Community Health Professionals.

In his current role with Hospitality WiFi, Rob will handle business development specifically for non-hospitality verticals such as schools, QSRs and retail shops, healthcare, sports/recreation, government, and entertainment.

Rob holds a Management/Marketing degree from Bluffton University, as well as various technical certifications.
Rex Wilges

Rex Wilges — Regional Sales Representative

Rex Wilges joined Hospitality WiFi Sales in 2011, bringing his experience across a wide range of Information Technology including Technical Support, Programming, Database Architecture, Database Administration, Technical Support Management, and Logistics Coordination from the IT perspective.

Rex’s broad knowledge of IT and rapport with customers have been key in creating a bridge between users, the Sales team, and Technical Support.

Michael "Mike" Mitchell — Regional Sales Representative

Michael Mitchell has been in the electrical, telecommunication, CCTV, and WiFi business for the past 27 years. Born in the wonderful state of Ohio, he has been married for 33 years to his beautiful wife, with whom he has 6 awesome children. They are also blessed with 7 grandchildren. Mike's goal in business is to listen to his customers' needs and wants and to help design and build them a cost-effective turnkey solution that meets those wants and needs.

Michele Hicks — Regional Sales Representative

Michele Hicks joined the Hospitality WiFi Sales team in 2016. She started her career in the hospitality industry in 1989 as a Guest Service Manager and in 1993 transitioned to the role of Director of Sales and Catering. Her passion is working with people.

Michele has extensive knowledge of working in all departments of a hotel. She loves the hospitality industry and currently works primarily with IHG properties on the IHG Connect program.

Prior to Hospitality WiFi, Michele worked in Retail Management, Direct Sales, and Medical Marketing with breast cancer patients as a certified fitter for prosthetics.

Rick Barclay — Regional Sales Manager

(bio and photo coming soon)

Beau Beidelschies

Beau Beidelschies — Senior Systems & Support Engineer

Beau Beidelschies has been with Hospitality WiFi since August of 2006 as a Systems and Support Engineer. His skills and duties include programming equipment for installations, engineering layout of wireless access points for properties for wireless coverage, phone support for customers and end users, and product research and testing.

Prior to joining Hospitality WiFi, Beau worked for Verizon Online as a DSL support operator, then as the Operations Assistant overseeing all day-to-day call center duties.

Timbre Hissong

Timbre Hissong — Staff Accountant, Best Western Liaison

Timbre Hissong joined Hospitality WiFi in 2016 to cover accounts receivable, purchasing, and ordering. She also serves as the Best Western Liaison. Timbre holds degrees in accounting and electrical engineering and worked in the automotive industry before joining Hospitality WiFi.

In her spare time, Timbre enjoys spending time with her husband and three children going bicycling, hiking, and attending her children’s music and sporting events.

Matt Sutton

Matt Sutton — Staff Accountant

Matt Sutton joined Hospitality WiFi and sister company SAY Security in 2012 to perform various accounting roles, including accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as purchasing and order processing. He also performs some HR and payroll functions. Matt received his BS in Accounting from the University of Northwestern Ohio in 2012.

Nicki Termine

Nicki Termine — IHG Connect Manager

After 18 years as an elementary classroom teacher, Nicki Termine transitioned into an administrative role, first spending 4 years as an assistant principal and interim principal, then moving into the corporate world. Nicki has been a key part of the team at Hospitality WiFi for nearly 7 years, serving in a wide variety of administrative roles, including accounts receivable and procurement, shipping, and customer liaison.

In her most recent role as IHG Connect Manager, Nicki works to ensure that IHG hoteliers understand everything they need to know about the new IHG Connect program, while also managing Wi-Fi upgrade projects at various properties to ensure that they run smoothly and result in the best possible guest experience.

Melanie Swiderek

Melanie Swiderek — Marketing Manager

Melanie Swiderek joined Hospitality WiFi in 2012 to head its Marketing efforts. She holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University and spent several years studying how messages affect beliefs, which led to her current focus on Marketing Communications.

Prior to joining Hospitality WiFi, Melanie gained more than 10 years of experience in technical writing, patent writing, and content creation. She has worked for a variety of high-tech companies and electronics standards creation groups in the areas of industrial wireless communication, mobile communication, and enterprise network technology, and she is listed as co-inventor on a patent related to mobile asset location using electronic tags. Her career has straddled the boundary between marketing and technical communications.