Example: Restaurant Predictive Heatmap

Great WiFi is Simple!

With Hospitality WiFi’s new WiFi as a Service, offering great guest-centered WiFi can be simple. The following graphic illustrates how the system might look in a typical small restaurant.

WiFi as a Service is flexible and scalable for use in just about any space where you need guest WiFi:

  • We install one or more access points (APs), depending on restaurant size, construction, and layout.
  • APs are connected by CAT6 to incoming Internet, such as in the restaurant office or kitchen
  • The primary AP handles authentication, communication, bandwidth use, security, and more.
  • A VLAN can separate the guest network from the office/POS network(s) for greater security.

Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss how WiFi as a Service can improve the guest WiFi at your property!