My hotel has been an award-winner with Best Western for many years now. We always score well in customer care and cleanliness and breakfast. I am proud of my staff for the jobs they do. Our only problem was the Internet. I have been through all the upgrades and changes since hard-wire. Our hotel was a nightmare to have the Internet work properly. We have had 3 different companies try in the past to make our customers happy. Internet has been the thorn in our side with our customers. Spending large amounts of money, new equipment, updates, and trying to keep up has been a nightmare.


Hospitality WiFi was recommended to me by our RSM on one of his visits. I then met sales rep Rex at a Best Western District meeting. He assured me that they would improve our scores for WIFI or I would get my money back. How could I go wrong? They sent someone to our property to check out what we had and what was needed. I did have to provide some information, but they were able to handle most of it without me being involved, and because I’m a 61 year old person who knows nothing about electronics; this was a pleasure for me.


Before I knew it, our equipment arrived, the installer came the next day, and in 3 days we were up and running. The installer stayed the last night and just went up and down the hallways checking for hot spots and making sure everything was operating properly. It’s only been a few days as of this writing, but we have received not one complaint. Now I just have to wait for our scores to move up on our surveys and I will be happy.


Our success in this business has been to listen to our customers’ needs and to meet their expectations when they arrive on our property. No one can tell me what is needed better than the people who need it.

Janet Bowman, General Manager, Best Western Plus Ambassador Suites Venice (FL)

With Hospitality WiFi, “We went from constant complaints and dead spots to rave reviews. This has positively impacted our GSS scores since install. The installers and team at Hospitality WIFI are efficient, professional, and helpful. The team verified brand compliance upon completion. This is great value, considering the level of service we receive is high!”

Robert Gaeta, Best Western Plus Hospitality House, New York City

"In an industry where many aspects go into ensuring guests have the most enjoyable experience possible, it is nice to know that Hospitality WiFi has us covered when it comes to delivering the best guest Wi-Fi. We made the switch to Hospitality WiFi and immediately saw an improvement in guest satisfaction scores for Wi-Fi. Our hotel is currently in the top 10% for Wi-Fi guest satisfaction in our district. Thank you, Hospitality WiFi, for providing the best!"

Jennifer Richeson, Best Western Plus Russellville Hotel & Suites, AL

“Hospitality WiFi took great care in preserving the historical look and feel of Lakeside Chautauqua, and the new Wi-Fi solution actually helped boost our group conference sales. In fact, one conference provider who sets up communications for group conferences commented that it was the best Wi-Fi he has experienced.


“We love Hospitality WiFi!”


(For more about this project, please see our case study on Lakeside Chautauqua.)

Mandy James, Lakeside Chautauqua, Lakeside, OH