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Wellesley College campus


If you represent a school, college, or university that is committed to offering a rich learning environment of instruction, research, and development, you can support this goal by providing your students, faculty, and staff with highly innovative technology services that help your institution maintain its competitive edge. You can save time, effort, and money by providing wireless access to your students, faculty, and staff. With Hospitality WiFi’s leading technology, simple, elegant network designs, and unmatched service and support, you will be able to network your entire campus in a matter of days.

We provide:

  • Wireless LAN Consulting / Site Surveys

  • Zero-Configuration Wi-Fi

  • Programming

  • Security Threat Assessment and Protection

  • Turnkey Installation and Maintenance

  • Web-Based Graphical Network Control

  • Equipment Outage Reporting

  • 24-Hour Call Desk Support

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