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Offer a Seamless Guest Experience That’s More Like Home

with HospitalityCast™ powered by Google

More and more people are accessing content at home via streaming apps, and guests are expecting a similar experience when they visit hotels – in fact, recent surveys show that at least half of guests say that this can impact their booking decisions. But casting content from guest devices to hotel TVs can get complicated with issues like security and privacy.

HospitalityCast makes it easier to put guests in control of their entertainment options while integrating with your property’s existing TV solution. Using a simple pairing process, guests can securely cast their preferred content to their designated room’s TV(s) during their stay so the whole family can enjoy their own content. There is no need to enter login information on the TV, so guests need not worry about logins being retained after their stay. HospitalityCast brings the comfort and convenience of home entertainment to hotel rooms for happier guests.

We offer a variety of casting options from basic to fully customized, depending on your needs and budget. See how our basic casting solution works in this video:

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