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Wi-Fi Hotspots for Businesses

A survey found that free Wi-Fi makes “Main Street” business customers happier than other typical offerings such as free candy, water, or waiting room magazines. Business owners say free Wi-Fi helps make patrons feel welcome, and more than half of business owners in the survey believe that providing free Wi-Fi results in higher sales per visit. Most owners also believe it has increased new customers and encouraged repeat visits. No wonder more and more businesses are offering free Wi-Fi hotspots for their customers!

Hospitality WiFi can help you tap into these business benefits by placing Wireless Access Points, or hotspots, throughout your business. Most newer mobile devices can easily access your hotspots; you can choose whether to keep your hotspots completely open, or you can set a password and make it available to your customers (as recommended). With Hospitality WiFi, you can implement a solution that fits your needs, from security and access settings to managing the use of bandwidth so a single customer doesn’t negatively affect everyone else’s access.

More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of offering free customer Wi-Fi hotspots. Don’t miss out – contact us today to find out what Hospitality WiFi can do to improve your business and make your customers happier!

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