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Network Cable Technician

Installation & Maintenance

Hospitality WiFi will provide professional installation at your location by certified network installation technicians. Below are some things to consider before proceeding with your new wireless network installation.


Installation Time

Typically 2-4 days, depending on the size of the network


Types of Installers

Employees and Local Business Partners



Our installers have performed hundreds of installations.


Installation Challenges

A number of different challenges may arise with any new project. To limit the effects of such issues, we will work to reduce the following challenges as much as possible:

  • Access Points require Cat5 wiring and power

  • Limited wireless coverage distance

  • RF interference from AP devices

  • Security

  • Interference from building construction

  • Variations in performance and speed of wireless HSIA to guest rooms

  • Size of the hotel


Issues that may cause disruptions in projects may include:

  • HSIA problems with DSL/T1 cable

  • Telephone provider problems

  • Installation difficulties

  • Wiring difficulties due to firewalls and unique hotel features


We will clean up any debris created due to our project.


As costs to maintain and replace networking technologies increase, business owners are seeking cost effective alternatives. Hospitality WiFi offers a versatile and comprehensive solution to the maintenance needs that our customers may experience. Our economical plans will allow your business to put a fixed annual cost on the maintenance of your equipment, with no extra surprises. Call today to find out how we can save your business money on annual network maintenance costs.

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