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Centralized WiFi Authentication, aka "Remember Me"

One of the biggest reasons that guests call our support desk is that they’re having trouble logging into the WiFi. That’s one of the first things many hotel guests do after they’ve checked in, but if they have trouble with it, you’re not starting them off with a positive experience.

Right now, the #1 problem with guest WiFi is HTTPS page redirection – in other words, guests often contact technical support because they can’t get to your login page or can’t figure out how to log in through it. This is also one of the main reasons guests will rate your property’s WiFi poorly. But Hospitality WiFi has found a way to change that with Centralized WiFi Authentication, aka “Remember Me.”

With Centralized WiFi Authentication, the first time a guest logs onto a Hospitality WiFi-managed network with a device, he or she will have the option to check “Remember Me” to include the device in our database. After that, the next time that device is seen on ANY of our networks – even in a different location – that device will be recognized and automatically authenticated, making it easier for your guest to join the network.

Benefits of “Remember Me” include:

  • Only one login per device needed- guests don’t need to log in again after timeout or in a different location

  • Automatic bypass for popular streaming and gaming devices, which can be tough to authenticate, since guests can’t easily get to the login page

  • Increased guest satisfaction, decreased technical support calls, and improved guest feedback scores


Centralized WiFi Authentication also offers possibilities for personalizing the guest experience. For example:

  • Customize and brand the user interface

  • Recognize and reward frequent guests, such as with additional bandwidth or discount offers

  • Integrate with existing loyalty programs

  • View analytics and usage statistics through our cloud-based management portal


Centralized WiFi Authentication is approved for use by multiple major hotel flags.


Give us a call today and make your guest WiFi experience even better with “Remember Me.”

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