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24x7x365 Guest Technical Support – More than Just Getting Your Guests Online

With almost two decades of experience in hotel WiFi, plus 24 x 7 x 365 end user technical support, Hospitality WiFi offers support that is unmatched in the industry. But your monthly support fees cover more than just getting your guests online!


We also: 

  • Monitor the ongoing health of your network

  • Watch for down equipment so we can fix issues quickly

  • Perform network optimization so your guest network can function at its best


Other items we address include:

  • Basic WiFi card driver support

  • SSID configuration

  • Login difficulties

  • Gaming device bypass

  • Streaming device bypass

  • Location-specific coverage issues

  • VPN support

  • Password changes

  • Usage & roaming questions

  • Billing statement questions & credit card issues


In addition, we provide you with a login to a customized cloud-based Dashboard (aka Control Panel), where you can view your entire network at a glance:

  • Gain information about how many guests are using your network

  • Discover patterns of usage across time

  • See how your guests are using bandwidth to help you determine when network upgrades are needed

  • View support data

  • Run customized reports


And there’s even more that sets Hospitality WiFi  apart:

  • We choose not to outsource our support. We believe it is important to maintain our own team of knowledgeable, responsive, experienced support professionals to help you and your guests have the best possible experience.

  • With our global presence, we understand how important it is to have help nearby when you need it, so we have established local support offices in various locations internationally.

  • We offer native Spanish-language support.


The bottom line is that we want to create a VIP experience for you and your guests, and that means offering a quality total solution at a competitive price. Providing great support, spotting potential problems before they occur, and proactively seeking improvements in your network are just a few of the ways we aim to keep you happy and keep your guests coming back!

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