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Improve Your Guest Experience with WiFi as a Service

For guest-centered businesses such as hotels and restaurants, WiFi has gone from a luxury to a necessity, much like electricity and running water. But such utilities are typically easier to manage than guest WiFi has been – simply order a service and let the experts take care of providing it. Why shouldn’t guest WiFi be like that as well?

Hospitality WiFi’s “WiFi as a Service” offers that same simplicity. For a flat monthly fee depending on the size of the network, Hospitality WiFi will provide your business with the latest equipment, monitor and manage your network, and deliver 24x7x365 technical support. There’s no more need for business owners and general managers to worry about usage, security, or network issues – our team of experts can take of that for you.

Features of WiFi as a Service include:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 cloud-managed WiFi – Through our cloud-based dashboard, we can monitor and manage your network, and we can spot potential issues before your guests do.

  • High-density access points – Based on the needs of your business, Hospitality WiFi provides enterprise-grade equipment that is made to work with many users. Our access points also provide security features and hotspot functionality. And when you renew your contract, we’ll be sure you have the latest equipment with the latest WiFi technology for an improved guest experience.

  • Nationwide coverage – Hospitality WiFi provides great WiFi for customers in all 50 states and around the world. We have service and support personnel available in many locations for a quick response.

  • Centralized authentication – Guests don’t want to fuss with complicated logins. Centralized authentication allows repeat guests to sign in once and then be authenticated onto your guest network automatically when using the same device.

  • Custom dashboard – Owners and managers can view the same data as our team to see how your network is being used.

  • Scalability – From mom-and-pop businesses to large hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, we can grow with you.

  • Real-time status and baseline comparisons – You can view exactly what’s going on with your network, from current status to trends over time, to help you determine plans and budget for the future.

  • Custom splash page – We personalize your property’s login page to help you better connect with your guests.

  • Bandwidth management – You probably can’t afford to offer unlimited bandwidth to each guest, but how much do your guests really need? We can implement bandwidth usage policies to make the best use of your available bandwidth to improve the experience for all of your guests.


Fast, reliable, easy-to-use WiFi is the #1 requested amenity for guests, and now it’s easier to implement. With WiFi as a Service from Hospitality WiFi, you can focus on your business while we take care of giving your guests great WiFi.

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